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Eyelash Extension

We specialize in eyelash extensions & lash lifts. Our technicians are true artists, and their work is simply amazing. Choose from "Classic", "Hybrid", "Volume", or "Mega" application options. Add length, thickness, body, and volume to your natural lashes with a nourishing lash lift or lash extensions.

Classic - $65

Classic lashes are the most common type of eyelash extension, used for more traditional and natural lash looks.

It’s a perfect choice if you’re getting eyelash extensions for beginners.

Hybrid - $90

One of the newest lash treatments available today is the hybrid style. In this, classic and volume styles of lashes fuse into one to create a hybrid variety that customizes your eye even better than either style.

The hybrid set is a great opportunity to try out a little bit of fluff and add fullness during the process. It’s also more customized than either volume or classic lash extensions.

Volume - $105

One step above classic lashes with fluff and volume, volume lashes are sophisticated while guaranteeing a dramatic look. 

Volume lashes work the best for those who prefer glam makeup to a natural one. It’s a great choice if you have thin, weak, or sparse eyelashes too because volume lashes aren’t as thick as classic lashes.

Mega - $110

Mega volume lash is a newer and more advanced type of volume lash. This style uses very light and thin extensions to create a fuller look. They allow for a denser and darker look. 

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